Market and Sectors


Public Administration and Culture of transparency: innovative streaming systems , automatic verbalization and electronic voting.
The approach to integrated government communication is changing rapidly. The digital era has made interaction with the Public Administration easier with the sharing and transparency of data.

This also has a significant impact on the choice of discussion systems for boardrooms with a higher added value of services and automation. Government organizations increasingly rely on advanced audio and video solutions as part of their business.


Meeting rooms: innovative systems for audio and video acquisition of the sessions, advanced archiving and automatic minute taking.
The company meeting rooms are being transformed thanks to new video communication and virtual presence technologies.
Filing and cataloging the contents produced within the Meeting Rooms in a simplified way is a huge advantage for companies.

In Administrative Boards, the ability to create and archive the audio / video content of the boards of directors allows for subsequent management and validation of decisions. It is possible to record the session in real time as well as archive all the technical data associated with the participants’ interventions.


Educational institutions and training: live content both video and textual.
Training is undergoing a profound positive impact from new e-learning technologies and platforms and the use of online content.

Automating the creation of content and making it available in the most immediate and easy way can radically change the adoption of these new technologies.

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