We are proud to share a wonderful achievement by ESTREEMO, in both technical and professional terms, through the platform Director Pro “Virtual Congress”

Our solution allowed WFP, the United Nations Agency, to hold its first regular sessions of the International Executive Council in totally virtual mode, during the lockdown most critical phase, after more than a two months’ delay.

Thanks to our consultancy and to our high-tech products, the Council’s delegates were able to connect by using the same interface previously adopted in the WFP Auditorium, and by taking the same (virtual) seats of the oval table of the council.

Therefore, WPF was the first UN Agency to hold successfully the Governing Bodies’ multilingual virtual meeting. The main features of our solutions are the following:

  • 8+ languages, with simultaneous interpreting;
  • 90 physical delegates;
  • 60 virtual delegates;
  • Multiple program video;
  • Multichannel Audio Dante;
  • Multiple video sources;
  • Complete integration with the WFP direction;
  • Complete integration and unified management with Bosch Dicentis Conference.


Here you can read the WFP Executive Board’s original article :



Italian translation by Google Translate: