Estreemo Ecosystem

Virtual, hardware e software.

The Estreemo product suite is able to satisfy all planning needs, management and technical direction of virtual or hybrid meetings and events with remote or local participants and with broadcast television quality. All Estreemo products can work both independently and in integration with other products.

Sistemi hardware per sale e location fisiche
  • The DIRECTOR hardware platform is capable of capturing audio, video and metadata streams from the shooting environment and to generate new ones, with numerous post-processing effects, towards control rooms, participants and remote users. This all happens in real time and with very low latency.
  • Extremely TRANSCRIPTOR, thanks to the state of the art AI technology of Audioma © PerVoice, allows automatic multilingual verbalization and subtitling, both batch and in real time.
  • It also offers advanced services such as advanced digital archiving with keyword clips search. Available with hardware appliance for on-premise installations or with Cloud service.
  • Identification, reservations, voting and surveys. With the VDU touchscreen hardware modules you can expand the capabilities of conference rooms, auditoriums or collaboration environments with a system capable of identifying users via NFC or Fingerprint in an extremely safe and manageable way from a single location.
Sistemi software e virtuali
  • VIRTUAL CONGRESS is a real virtual Conference System for managing, commanding and controlling virtual or hybrid meetings and events.
    With Virtual Congress it is possible to hold meetings without the presence of a physical Conference System, or thanks to its interfacing plugins it can extend their functionality by controlling them through their proprietary protocols.
  • VIRTUAL SEAT is a complete solution of Audio / Video streaming for Events and Congresses, virtual or hybrid, already used by many customers on a professional level.
    Totally web-based, supporting up to 32 languages, with professional quality audio.
  • VIRTUAL INTERPRETER has been studied with the support of professional interpreters. It offers the possibility of simultaneous translations with remote interpreters or in hybrid configuration, with physical and virtual booths.
    Totally web-based, unlimited relay support, chat between interpreters and direction, complete control of the events in the room with additional video and metadata. All with professional audio quality and ultra-low latency.

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