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_Live Streaming Made Easy.


_A video making team in one single device

ESTREEMO S.r.l. announce the release of a new series of audio/video hardware devices able to challenge the market sector of shooting, directing and streaming live video of complex scenes of live events with multiple cameras and audio sources.




Why choose ESTREEMO

we simplify your work

Multiple actions to do, one single solution

Video Capture and Live Streaming

Grab audio and video from several IP and physical devices, make post-production and send result to streaming services


Cameras moving and real-time auto-direction based on active speaker, external sensors and inputs or context-based

Overlay and Effects

Automatically add images, text and effects over your transmission based on context information, API or external systems


Save your streams over physical device and cloud storages. Record your stram in real time to multiple destinations


An amazing number of features

The DIRECTOR PRO products are hardware devices for live streaming that are not limited to actions of data acquiring and streaming. They provide the customer with the chance to minimize all costs related to the different phases of directing, editing, post-production and video publishing. They can interface with a number of third-party external systems such as audio conferencing systems, video matrix and switchers, home automation devices, PTZ cameras, third-party software or Cloud APIs.

They are able to capture video and audio (through IP protocol or through physical interfaces) and, based on real-time events directly acquired from the scene and by using configurable policies, they perform audio/video direction, control display and devices in the meeting room, auto-editing, dynamic text and image overlay, streaming to Youtube or FB Live, HD recording and much more. All of this in real time and at the same time.

real time results

Broadcast complex scenes of live events directly to social networks

Create something extraordinary

with our products

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